Get groovy your way!

Clear and powerful wireless sound now comes with extra-long autonomy in WiSHAKE Extra, pocketable earbuds, perfectly suited to the nomad lifestyle. All packed in a trendy and compact design case that doubles as a charging station.

20h battery autonomy

Practical ways to recharge

Even more music or talk time! WiSHAKE Extra will bring you up to 5 hours of playtime in a single charge. Its charging case offers 3 top ups for an additional 15 hours of playtime on the go.

20h total playtime with charging case

Handy charging clip

WISHAKE EXTRA with clip on the jacket

1 earbud convenience for longer

Sometimes, 1 is better than 2! Think pure convenience by wearing just your right earbud when walking, working or with family and friends around. For an extra boost, there's a handy charging clip for your right earbud, delivering 4 hours of extra power on the move! You'll never lose your earbud, as it's clipped and stored while charging, then quick to grab, pop on and enjoy.

 +4h with charging clip

Compact & trendy design

Fresh look. Sleek shape.

Trendy and curved, the charging case is made for a great in-hand feel with smart looks. The metallic earbuds complete the trendy design look.

Smooth connectivity

 WISHAKE EXTRA in the ear

Bluetooth® 5.0

Featuring Bluetooth® 5.0 connectivity, it brings more stability to the connection, more quality sound and a clearer experience. WiSHAKE Extra won't let you down

Android & iOs

Compatible with all devices, WiSHAKE Extra can be easily connected with any phone.

Bluetooth® + compatible Android & iOs

Easy and comfortable

 WISHAKE EXTRA with charging case

Touch control

WiSHAKE Extra provides a great sound experience for every moment of your nomad life. As easy as one tap, access your music, calls or voice assistant in one touch.

In-ear detection

Simply pair your earbuds thanks to the in-ear sensors. As you put them on, they connect immediately and fit comfortably in your ears. When removed, the music or movie will automatically be in hold.

Touch control + in-ear sensor