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Did you know?
How to save your phone battery?
Turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth functions when you don’t use them. You can also lower your display lightening to save a bit more!
Did you know ?
The app Cam Scanner uses your phone cam as a scan. It can also improve the quality of the picture and convert them into PDF or PNG (free on the Play Store!).

Premium design and powerful experience!

The refined and elegant member of the trendy urban Ufeel family is a beauty to behold, compact yet fast and powerful with an amazing camera and fingerprint sensor technology.

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5 Wiko has just entered the top 5 in Western Europe
(source: Counterpoint Technology market report 2Q-2016)
Press Quotes
..sensor cepat bertindak untuk mengimbas walaupun peranti berada dalam keadaan skrin terkunci.

Kosmo (Newspaper & online)-21 DEC 2016

Press Quotes
Rupa unik tingkap di casing WiCube adalah pertama seumpamanya.

TheSkop (Tech Portal)-12 OCT 2016

Press Quotes
Always selfie ready with Wiko's Ufeel series and making selfie effortless with their creative functions such as face beauty mode and wide angle camera.

BellaKuan (Influencer)-1 JUN 2016

Press Quotes
Hadir dengan prestasi harian yang baik dengan masa penggunaan peranti yang lama.

Majalah PC (Magazine)- 20 JAN 2017


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